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Helping You Find Peace


I am so fortunate to be on a spiritual path. It has been and is an amazing experience. At times the path is bumpy and difficult at other times it is amazingly effortless. Either way I am filled with love and gratitude to be here.

For years I was the opposite of peace, I was stressed and fearful. Stuck in an anxiety inducing career as an accountant.I always knew I was meant to be helping others. I just wasn't sure how. In 2018 I quit my accounting job. I started meditating every day and remembering my dreams at night. I knew there was a reason I was remembering my dreams so I started writing them down which led me to Dream Interpreter Michael Sheridan. It was through my work with Michael that I discovered my gifts which include: Channel, Psychic, Animal Communicator, Healer (hands on and remote), Dream Interpreter, Hypnotist, Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Guide. 


I have done a lot of healing and self work and now it is my pleasure to help others with their healing. I can help you let go of anger, fears, worries, anxiety and limiting beliefs so that you can discover your peace within and start living a life you love.


As a former dog trainer, behaviorist and canine nutritionist I have an extensive background in animals which is beneficial in helping you with your beloved pet(s). Not only can I communicate with them and channel on any issues that they're having, I can also use my knowledge to offer practical advice. 


I am so grateful that I am able to make a career from not just what I love to do but what I am meant to do.

With Love & Kindness,


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