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Animal Communication

I have always had a strong bond with animals, one of my first words was the name of my nanny's dog. I always felt safe and content when I was by an animal. Whenever I was at someone's house I would naturally gravitate toward their pets, and their pets to me. I had known about animal communication for years before I started doing it. The knowledge that I was able to communicate with animals came during a channeled reading when I asked my guides what I should work on next. They said animal communication. I thought I would need to be taught how to do it but I decided to ask a friend if I could communicate with her dog telepathically. She agreed and I received all sorts of information I hadn't previously known. I tried with a few other pets and I received the same result and have been communicating with animals ever since. It's different with every pet, sometimes the information and energy coming through is so strong at other times the animal might be distracted or unsure of coming through (there are different reasons for this) but usually they can't wait to talk! I think the best thing about animal communication is when I feel the pets love for their people and that I get to help our companion animals get their needs met.

How it works-You send me whatever questions you would like me to ask your pet. I connect with him or her, I introduce myself and let them know that you would like me to chat with them. Before trying to connect I may text you to make sure they are up and alert. Once I'm done chatting with your pet, I will let you know and you and I will set up a call to go over what I received, you can ask any follow up questions at that time. I speak to animals on the earth plane as well as in spirit. 

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