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Find  Peace Within

Cellular Release Therapy

There’s more to being at peace than breathing techniques and meditation. Before you can find true peace within you must get to the root of what’s causing your worry, anger, fears, and anxiety and work through these things. True healing is a necessity for being at peace.


I offer several services to help you get to the root of your pain, confusion, anger, anxiety, and frustration so that you can eradicate it.



Energy Healing

Energy healing is a great way to invoke peace into your life.

My healings

Clear fear, worry, negativity, and apprehension

Clear and release past wounds and trauma.

Clear and balance your chakras.

Leave you feeling Light and uplifted.

Raise your Vibrational Frequency.


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Cellular Release Therapy® -  

A powerful yet gentle Trauma Release method

Allows you to let go of fears, worry, stress, and anxiety

Clear thousands of painful experiences in a single session. 

Is painless, effective, and lasting.  

Results are typically immediate and positive.

Clients report feeling lighter, clearer, and more peaceful instantly.

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$120 an hour

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The Ultimate Inner Peace Package

Everything you need to discover inner peace

The package includes;

Intuitive counseling sessions

1 Standard CRT session

2 Complete CRT sessions where we go back and clear trauma from the womb, your birth and past lives.

Multiple energy healing sessions

The package can be customized to suit your needs


(al a carte these services would be over $1300! )

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Psychic (Channeled) Reading

It can be nerve-wracking to not know what’s around the corner or what choice you should make. A channeled reading can help ease your worries and help you peacefully down your path.  Using my channeling abilities I connect with guides and angels to answer your questions.  There is no time limit to these readings, I let all the information come through, no matter how long it takes. Simply send your questions and I will channel on them and we can then discuss the information I receive.  $120

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Not sure what to choose? Set up a free call with me today to determine what service will best fit your needs.

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