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Finding Peace Within

Cellular Release Therapy

There’s more to being at peace than breathing techniques and meditation. Before you can find true peace within you must get to the root of what’s causing your worry, anger, fears and anxiety and work through these things. True healing is a necessity to being at peace.


I offer several services to help you get to the root of  your pain, confusion, anger, anxiety, frustration so that you can eradicate it.




Energy Healing- Energy healing is a great way to invoke peace into your life. It can be done in person or remotely. There are many types of energy healing but the one I offer is completely controlled by spirit. I connect with healing guides and angels in the divine and channel the healing energy to you. If it is not in your highest good to have a particular ailment healed, then it won’t be but spirit will always use the energy to help you in some way. A healing always takes place. Ailments do not need to be physical. 


Psychic (Channeled) Reading- It can be nerve wracking to not know what’s around the corner or what choice you should make. A channeled reading can help ease your worries and help you peacefully down your path.  Using my channeling abilities I connect with guides and angels to answer your questions.  There is no time limit to these readings, I let all the information come through, no matter how long it takes. Simply send your questions and I will channel on them and we can then discuss the information I receive. 

Dream analysis-Having my dreams analyzed was completely life changing. I would not be where I am to day if it wasn't for having my dreams analyzed by Michael Sheridan. Even though i have been successfully analyzing my clients dreams for years I recently completed Michael Sheridan's  Dream Interpretation Course to further my abilities and knowledge. Did you know your dreams tell you what you need to work on, aka what's holding you back from living the life you really want and came here to do. Your dreams also reveal your spiritual gifts.  If you are ready to move forward and really grow or if you're just curios about a particular dream contact me today.

Cutting the ties that Bind-  allows you to get over the past hurts of yesterday and move on once and for all. These past hurts could be traumas, abuse, relationships with ex partners and most importantly, the negative influences picked up from our parents. It is the most profound therapy that I know of and if you're ready for it can be truly life changing. Contact me for  more information. 

Cellular Release Therapy® - CRT®  is powerful yet gentle Trauma Release method which allows you to let go of fears, worry, stress, anxiety and find the inner peace within.  It provides the opportunity to clear thousands of painful experiences in a single session.  CRT is painless, effective, and lasting.  Results are typically immediate and positive, clients report feeling lighter, clearer, and more peaceful instantly. The first CRT® session is always an assessment of life events, issues, relationships, and what the client specifically identifies as topics that they would like to resolve. The second session is when we will get started on clearing and releasing what the client would like to resolve. Subsequent sessions involve updating the therapist on what the client has noticed between sessions and what new things they would like addressed, followed by more clearing.  Read more here

Angel Messages- Get a personal message from the angels. I connect to the angelic realm and receive a message just for you. While you can ask a question for the angels to answer, angel messages are typically what you most need to hear at that point in time. (But feel free to let me know a couple questions you want answered or if there's a topic or two you would like covered. if you have a number of specific questions you want answered I suggest scheduling a channeled reading) Angel messages tend to bring joy to the receiver and are full of love.


A Week of Intuitive Life Coaching-  In order to find peace it is necessary to work through what’s holding you back, but without outside assistance it can be hard to acknowledge these constraints let alone figure out how to overcome them, A week of  life coaching will help you work through what is keeping you from finding true peace and includes a one on one coaching session with me over the phone, Zoom or in person.  Email and text support throughout the week so you can get any questions answered quickly and an individualized plan of action so that you know the exact steps to take to keep moving forward.

$120 for an entire week

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique- QHHT  is amazingly powerful. During a session  you will be regressed to a past life (or lives  if appropriate) you will learn why that particular life was shown to you/what you are meant to learn from it or how the life is still affecting you today. You will also be connected with all that is/Source/Higher Self/Beings of light and love and will have the opportunity to have any questions that you have answered. Such as what is my life purpose, relationship, financial or spiritual questions.  If  it is in your highest and greatest good it is also possible for you to be freed from physical and emotional ailments that you have.  Read more here  All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and I Recommend QHHT for people who know they are able to go into trance (a deep hypnotic state) easily. 

A Month of  Intuitive Life Coaching- A complete month of working through  your issues and finding your way to peace. A month of intuitive counseling includes 4 one on one coaching sessions with me via Zoom, over the phone, or in person. Text and email support and individualized action plans throughout the month so that you know the exact steps to take to keep you moving in the right direction. 

$447 for an entire month


The Ultimate Inner Peace Package- This package has all you need to assist you in finally letting go of what’s holding you back so that you can discover peace within once and for all. Package includes 3 Intuitive counseling sessions, 1 QHHT  session , 1 CRT session, 2 Complete CRT sessions where we go back and clear trauma from the womb, your birth and past lives 

Package can be customized to suit your needs


(al a carte these services would be  close to $1300! )

Phone  or Zoom Session-  A 45 minute phone or zoom session so that you can talk through whatever is troubling you at the moment and receive guidance, support, and motivation in return. The phone session is great for people who have already done a lot of self-work and are just having "one of those days" or for anyone who has already worked with me. 


Not sure what to choose? Set up a free call with me today to determine what service will best fit your needs.

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