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Providing Peace to your Pet 

Energy healing- Energy healing is a great way to engulf your pet with peace, love and comfort. No matter if the ailment is physical, psychological or emotional an energy healing will help your pet be more at peace. 

If you have an animal that suffers from fear and anxiety I suggest buying a package of  4 to 5 healings at a discounted rate. I will then do a healing about every 7 to 10 days, this has been very helpful in treating fear and anxiety. I would then suggest a maintenance schedule as needed, this might be monthly, quarterly or as needed.


How it works- There are many types of energy healing but the one I offer is completely controlled by spirit. I connect with healing guides and angels in the divine and channel the healing energy into your pet.  I do not focus the energy with any intention. I am just an open channel and spirit will heal whatever needs to be healed. A healing always takes place. After you book an energy healing for your pet. I will perform the healing and email you what took place during the healing and how it went.  


Animal Communication-  I can communicate with your pet so that you can gain peace of mind and help your pet find the peace they deserve. 

How it works-  I can talk to animals here on earth or in spirit. During our phone call, I will connect to your pet, introduce myself and ask them any questions you might have or let them know anything you want them to know. The fact that I also channel while chatting with your pet is a benefit because the guides and angels often relay information that is greatly beneficial to you and your pet. During the communication I will let you know what your pet told me and you can ask him or her any follow up questions at that time. 



Peaceful Pet Package-  Show your pet how much you care by offering them 1 animal communication session, and 3  healings and your choice of another healing or communication session or one nutrition or training session.  (nutrition session is for canines only- I offer the nutrition and training sessions because  it sometimes comes up in a communication or healing session  that  training is needed for the animal or that what the dog is eating is causing an issue. As a former canine nutritionist  & behaviorist I am qualified to help in these areas as well)

$377  ($435 if purchased separately)  You can add services on to this package at a discounted rate. 

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