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Psychic and Channeled Readings


"The mind has no dimensions or size and is not limited in space; therefore, the mind transmits it’s basic state via vibrational energy over an unlimited distance. This means that we routinely and unwittingly affect others by our emotional state and thoughts. Emotional patterns and their associated thought forms, for instance, can be picked up and received consciously by psychics at a a great distance. This can be demonstrated experimentally, and the scientific basis for this has been a subject of great interest in advanced quantum physics."  Excerpt from Letting go; the pathway of surrender by David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D


I am psychic and also can channel, being psychic means I have a strong connection to my higher self. My higher self, like yours, is tuned into everyone else’s higher self. Because of my strong connection with my higher self, I am not only able to tap into the wisdom of my higher self but the wisdom of your higher self as well. 

As a channel I have the ability to communicate with departed loved ones and angels but I mostly communicate with our spirit guides. When you request a reading from me I connect to my higher self and my spirit guides.  In order to reach our spirit guides or guardian angels I must raise my vibration as the vibration of our angels is very high.

My higher self and my guides will then connect with your higher self and your guides so that we can get this best information for you. 

I am also able to pick up your personal thoughts and feelings on a question that you want answered. While this information can help me to understand where you and are coming from and know what you want I typically bypass it so that we can receive the most accurate and beneficial information. 


For example a friend recently asked me if her daughter and law was going to have a boy or a girl, while talking to her I immediately picked up boy, but a day or two later it dawned on me that I didn’t actually connect and channel that information so I texted my friend and said disregard the answer I gave you let me actually channel on it and when I did I received the image of a naked girl baby that had just been delivered. Wanting to be sure I asked for another image, next they sent me the image of a hot pink barbie car. Wanting to be absolutely sure, since the original “boy” feeling had been pretty strong, I asked for one more sign and they sent me the girl scout symbol sign. Okay 3 symbols that could not be clear!  I joked that if they had a boy I would never channel again! I told my friend about the very clear “it’s a girl messages” and about a week later she let me know that her daughter in law had a sonogram that revealed a girl! I told her I originally must have been picking up somebody’s desire to have a boy, i felt it was either her’s or her son’s and she said that yeah she was really hoping for a boy and so was her son


What you should know about readings:


I give you the information that I receive, even though it might not be the answer or information you were hoping for.

There are many ways to receive information if you're a psychic or a channel I personally pick up energy very easily but the bulk of what I receive is through a download, information and thoughts are "downloaded" into my mind from my higher self and my guides. This is great way to receive info because it is quick and there is no deciphering necessary, no trying to guess or figure out what a symbol means. I am also clairvoyant so I do receive images as well, I am lucky that the images I receive are also very clear.

You have the power - Everything is up to you. No matter what you are told by your guides and angels, you have free will and can do whatever you want. If you ask if you should break up with someone or take a new job, you can do whatever you want, despite the answer you receive. That being said your guides and angels will always give you the recommendation that is in your highest good so it will behoove you to follow their advice. 

Readings are a great way to gain clarity on what you should be doing. People often ask where do you see me in a year but a better question is should I___________. Should I take a new job, should I move, should I break up with my partner, should I start a new business. Ask questions that help get you on the path of the life you actually want. Yes, we can tell you where we see you in a year, but what difference will it make if it’s not somewhere you want to be? 


Things I tell you may not  make sense right then, make note of it because it will at some point.

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