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Services, Plans & Packages

You are an individual with unique problems and goals.  So, instead of a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach, you’ll receive a program tailored to your specific set of goals and challenges.  I will help you create consistent and lasting change by uncovering and addressing what is keeping you stuck so that you can move forward with confidence and peace of mind. You can book a service any time here

Energy Healing

Energy healing can be done in person or remotely. There are many types of energy healing but the one I offer is completely controlled by spirit. I connect with healing guides and angels in the divine and channel the healing energy into the person or animal that needs healing. If it is not in your highest good to have a particular ailment healed, then it won’t be but spirit will always use the energy to help you in some way. A healing always takes place. Ailments do not need to be physical.

$80 Contact me here or call or text 805-325-5872 for more information

Cellular Release Therapy® session- CRT®  is a powerful yet gentle Trauma Release method.  It provides the opportunity to clear thousands of painful experiences in a single session!  CRT is painless, effective, and lasting.  What is cleared in session, stays cleared!  Results are typically immediate and positive, clients report feeling lighter, clearer, and more peaceful instantly. The first CRT® session is always an assessment of life events, life issues, relationships, and what the client specifically identifies as topics that they would like to resolve. Subsequent sessions involve updating the therapist on what the client has noticed between sessions and what new things they would like addressed, followed by more clearing, as appropriate.

$120 Contact me here or call or text 805-325-5872 for more information

Animal Communication- Wondering what your pet is really thinking? Want to know if he likes his pet sitter or what she thinks of her food? Or perhaps you're going through a major life change like a move and you want to talk to your pet about it. Or maybe your pet will be transitioning soon and you want to know how your pet is feeling about it and what you can do to make him or her comfortable during this time. I can ask your pet any question you have. 

$80 Contact me here or call or text 805-325-5872 for more information

Psychic (Channeled) Reading- Using my channeling abilities I connect with my spirit guides to answer your questions.  There is no time limit to these readings, I let all the information come through, no matter how long it takes. Simply send me up to 8 questions and I will channel on them and we can then discuss the information I receive. Often other things come up besides what you have asked, which I will also share with you.  

$ 80 Contact me here​ or call or text 805-325-5872 for more information.

A Week of Intuitive Life Coaching-  Includes a one on one coaching session with me over the phone, via Zoom or in person.  Email and text support throughout the week so you can get any questions answered quickly and an individualized plan of action so that you know the exact steps to take to keep moving forward.

$120 per week- no minimums or contracts to sign. Contact me here or call or text 805-325-5872 for more information. Here's what people are saying about working with me

A Month of Intuitive Life Coaching- A complete month including 4 one on one coaching sessions with me via Zoom, over the phone, or in person. Text and email support and individualized action plans so that you know the exact steps to take to keep you moving in the right direction. 

$447 a month- no minimums or contracts to sign. This is a great option if you know you want to meet with me every week as well as have continued support whenever you need it.  Contact me here or call or text 805-325-5872  for more information. Here's what people are saying about working with me

Phone Session-  A 45 minute phone session so that you can talk through whatever is troubling you and receive guidance, support, and motivation in return. The phone session is great for people who have already done a lot of self-work and are just having "one of those days" or for anyone who has already worked with me. 

$65 -Contact me here​ or call or text 805-325-5872 for more information

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