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  Notes & Reviews

From a client after I spoke to her horse:
"I wanted to let you know  I just got back from the groomer with Mason and he did so much better! No shaking, no peeing or pooping on the grooming table like last time! The healing sessions and you talking to him really really helped! Thank you!"
"Since the healings Jack is happier, he plays outside more, he goes to his toy box and plays with his toys more. Overall he's much happier." 
email received from a client after one communication session and one healing:

"BEFORE:  She never seemed very happy or content.  She didn't want me around her much, physically, but she didn't like being alone, either.  She was unfriendly and nothing made her happy.  She wouldn't ever let me pick her up, never sat on my lap.  I could pet her but she would also swat at my hand.  She stayed on top of her cat tree most of the time and when I walked by she would swat at the top of my head.  She was often aggressive.  She would sometimes bite me and impale me with her claws.  I also got the feeling she was sad but I didn't know how to please her.

AFTER HEALING:  The healing worked wonders.  She became friendlier and started asking to be stroked.  She slowly started sitting beside me and enjoyed playing.  I heard her purr I think for the first time.  Also, I followed your suggestions and bought her a new cat tree and toys and gave her a real name! (my note these weren't my suggestions rather things the cat asked for, she didn't have a name and was being called "cat" and she (the cat) communicated that she would like an actual name, sabrina, samantha, abigail, all came through, something that is pretty, an actual name, like a person's name)

She is a different cat.  She loves and trusts me!  She is not aggressive to me or to anybody else.  She doesn't run and hide if someone else comes over.  She likes to play now.  She loves to be shown attention and I pet her often (she lets me!).  She still doesn't like to be picked up but she does venture onto my lap.  She sleeps on my bed now and likes to lie on top of me, she would never get that close to me before.  She jumps up on my bed to wake me up when I linger too long in the mornings.  I am very grateful.  We have a close bond now, something I doubted would ever happen.  My goal was to see if she could be happier and I got so much more. " 

Email received from client: "Thank you so much for the CRT session. I have noticed I am more at peace, things that normally bother me aren't, I'm not reacting like I normally do, I am calmer and happier overall. I had what would have normally been a very trying day immediately following our session but yet nothing bothered me, everything just rolled off my back! I am so grateful for you and for CRT. If you have someone that is on the fence feel free to give them my contact info." (during this session the client cleared many specifics unique to them and we did a complete clearing on reasons for being angry)

Message received from client- "Wow, I feel amazing since the complete clearing the other day.  I just feel so calm and happy. I don't know how to explain it, I just feel really really good! It's amazing that something so simple can have such a profound effect. I feel so elevated and like I can do anything!" (Client cleared many specifics unique to them during the session and we did a complete clearing on reasons for feeling unsafe.)
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Client's eye  before energy healing

Client's eye immediately following energy healing


Message received from client after a healing "Hi I have felt light and silly all afternoon since the healing! I can't thank you enough. My neck and shoulder feel so much better and my eye is clearing up. I'm so impressed with everything you can do!"


"My QHHT session with Melissa was one of the most powerful healing sessions I have ever received. As this was my first QHHT session, I wasn't sure what to expect but Melissa immediately made me feel safe and comfortable as she guided me into a hypnotic state. I was able to quickly connect to my subconscious and discovered powerful information from two past lives. One even showed me detailed information regarding the spiritual work that I am called to do here. I was able to take this information and bring it into my work with clients and I have noticed that my sessions are more powerful than ever before. I also received healing for many of the physical ailments that I have been experiencing and I noticed a profound shift in my energy after the session. In many ways it felt like a fog had been lifted and I was feeling more ease and joy in my body than I had for years. It is honestly difficult to put the experience into words as it was so powerful. I highly recommend booking a QHHT session with Melissa as it is truly life-changing." 

 Hi Melissa,

I hope this note finds you well! I wanted to let you know that Sunny is doing really well and she is definitely barking less and resting more during the day. I think she is more grounded and less anxious. (After receiving an energy healing) Thank you so much for all of your help!







 Email note from client-I am writing to you to share the great manifestations, changes and wonderful happenings since working with you. Perhaps you are already aware of the power and effectiveness of your work, if not you should be. 


When I first met and approached you about your car for sale I had no idea that you would be a guide in my life. I wanted to buy your car and while chatting about it I got a strong intuitive hit about you I didn’t quite understand at the time. As folks do sometimes when they first meet, we happened to ask each other what we did for a living and I’m so glad we did. The fact is at the time I wasn’t doing much of anything even tough I had a very full and rewarding careering in the Health, Wellness and Nutrition industries. My kids adults and on their own now, me long divorced and living alone, I didn’t realize how isolated, numb and stuck I was in my personal life. And I was going nowhere in a career I was bored with.


As you know I am a former executive and co-founder of the Balance Bar Company that was founded here in Santa barbara In 1992, then sold to Kraft foods in 2000 for a record $268,000,000 at the time. I started my own consulting business shortly thereafter riding on the success and reputation I established with Balance, showing start-up nutrition companies how it’s done. I have interviewed, hired and trained over 1000 people in the past 30 years so I know people well, what motivates them, and the character traits they possess. I am the type of leader who leads by example and praises only when it is merited. So please take these sincere words of praise and gratitude to your heart.


 After working with you for less than 8 hours in the past 2 months, I am blown away in a good way of how efficiently and rapidly the changes I asked for myself have evolved.


I re-enrolled in college to finally pursue a formal degree at 61 years old, and I’m doing great with a fire in my belly for it. I have tested for and now certified as a N.A.S.M Personal Trainer and as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner again. Both methods have allowed me to secure clients (and it’s building!) in my new career direction working with geriatrics one on one and in class settings locally. I’m so thrilled and definitely excited about my career again. Thank you!


I have dramatically improved my health and fitness levels that have resulted in an abundance of energy, 25 pounds in weight loss, and a confidence level I haven’t felt in 30 years. Thank you!


My passion for music and martial arts has also been reignited and I have joyfully been practicing both consistently. Arts I put aside thinking “those days are gone”. They’re not. Thank you!


Lastly, in my personal life as a result of all previously mentioned and the confidence boost that comes with it, I’m ready to get out of my cave and be more social. I’ve been getting “looks” from women again, and though I’m shy about it, I’m not in fear about it anymore. It feels so good to feel desirable again and I have no doubt that the right companion will show up on my path soon. I really can’t thank you enough for so many things in such a short amount of time!


With much gratitude and high respect,


Michael Sanchez

cell:(805) 705-****

PS Please feel free to use this letter and/or give my number to anyone you’d like to as a reference. I’m sincerely happy to oblige

Review posted on Google- I had my first CRT session with Melissa last weekend. Melissa made me feel comfortable and safe right away which is so important in any healing session but especially when dealing with trauma. It was amazing how we were able to address this trauma without me having to relive it in any way. I couldn’t believe how energized, grounded, joyful and empowered I felt immediately after the session. These feelings have continued throughout the week. I have also noticed that I have a greater ability to notice when I’m thinking negative thoughts or when I’m about to step into a pattern that no longer serves me. I’m not only noticing when this is about to happen but I’ve been able to make a more empowered choice in the moment. I highly recommend Melissa’s services!

I completed my first  CRT session with Melissa a few weeks ago. I felt so light and uplifted after letting go of the anger and resentment that I had been carrying around that I booked a session for a complete clearing. It is amazing that something that seems so easy can produce such incredible results. I have to admit that I was a bit worried about doing a CRT clearing, I didn't think that I would be able to relax enough for it to "work" but Melissa put me right at ease and I was able to let go and allow my subconscious to communicate. I am now feeling optimistic and full of positive energy. I love how I feel! R.K. IL

Email note from client-After my first CRT session, I immediately felt different, I felt clearer and lighter. Things that normally trigger me, no longer bother me. I am also a lot less stressed in general. I know I have some other things that I need to clear and I'm looking forward to my next session. ~Kate Austin TX

"I've been working with Melissa for the last two months, and it has greatly improved my confidence in forming relationships with people. I was a bit hesitant at first because I had to take a leap of faith with some of the advice she gave me, but she was right on. I'm so glad that I trusted her. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a life advisor and channeler/psychic!" ~Bryan - Madison WI

Text from a client: "I just told (son's name) his reading. He loved it. He had to immediately leave for football but he wants to know more!! lol Is it weird that I had to choke back tears while I was telling him?? Thank you, he will really benefit from the knowledge" Emily, IL

I was a little surprised when a friend suggested I take the "3 months to your life purpose" course.  But she could see that while I was successful in my career, I was miserable.  I knew in the back of my mind that somewhere along the line my life had gone off course and I felt trapped in a career path I didn't really like.  I thought it was too late to change my direction and had just resigned myself to the idea of sucking it up the rest of my working life. Melissa's course changed all of that.  It wasn't easy, but nothing worthwhile is.  I had to confront aspects of my life that I'd long ago buried, but to say it was worth it is a major understatement.  I now have a career I love and can do from anywhere in the world. In fact, as I write this, I'm sitting in a cafe in Prague watching the masses shuffle home from a long day's work at the office.  It's hard to image that was me not long ago.

I think I can safely say that I will enjoy the next 20 years of my career, infinitely more than the last 20.

Thanks Melissa! ~Michael D.  Czech Republic

Before working with Melissa I didn't really know what an intuitive life advisor did, but after seeing the positive changes in a friend that went to her I knew that I really needed to work with her. I felt stuck in life and couldn't motivate myself to move forward. I also knew I was repeating the same patterns over and over but didn't know what to do about it. Melissa not only helped me to move forward but also helped me to see why I was stuck and what I needed to do to about it. ~Nicole M. IL 

Melissa has been doing my accounting and bookkeeping for over 3 years now, she is quick and professional and easy to work with I love that she also has a spiritual-based healing business. If you have a healing business and need someone to do your accounting I definitely recommend Melissa.  ~Sarah Lightworker



I am so thankful to have Melissa as my life coach.  She is helping me to improve my professional life as well as relationships with family members.  Melissa is able to listen without judgment and offer ideas and insights that allow me to take the necessary steps to move forward toward a more fulfilling and happy life.

I never thought that I would work with a life coach but I am so glad that I did.  Melissa is truly passionate about helping others to live the life they are meant to live. ~Marie K. IL 



I worked with Melissa for about 6 weeks earlier this year and had a great experience.  I'd never hired a life advisor before so I wasn't really sure what to expect, but she walked me through the program step-by-step and I'm extremely happy with the results.  

All I really knew going in was that I didn't want to work in a corporate environment any longer.  By the end of the program, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and was particularly grateful to Melissa, because it wasn't something I'd even considered before.  Now I couldn't be happier.

If you're feeling stuck like I was, I highly recommend giving Melissa a call. ~JIm D. Austin TX


Melissa is highly intuitive, compassionate, efficient and clear in her communication so you can follow easily what she is instructing you to do.  Her techniques helped me to shift my perspective and opened me up to options I had not thought of, a very empowering experience.~Helena S. Austin TX


I can't say enough about how wonderful and talented Melissa is. I came to her with help in healing my life long habit of using food to cope, as well as some relationship issues. I was really ready to change. Every visit I felt she really got the situation and zeroed in on root causes. I felt lighter and shifted every time we worked together and I knew real growth was happening. She's dedicated, intuitive, compassionate...and her channeling skills are spot on! ~Billie J. KY


Melissa helped me see the light on the other side of one the darkest times of my life. I'm so grateful I found her. She made me feel so comfortable - and I was able to open my heart and find some true freedom and healing. Melissa has incredible wisdom and makes it truly accessible and easily applied to real life. I recommend her, with all my heart! :) ~Meghan D.


Because of my work with Melissa, I can truly attest that my life is so much calmer, productive and enjoyable due to all the layers we have peeled away.  She is truly talented and knowledgeable about transforming where we are and where we desire to be. I am excited about life again! ~Casey L KY


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