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How I found the right path

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Do you feel like there is more to life than what you are experiencing? Perhaps you find your job unfulfilling and you know you are meant to help others and contribute more than you are. Maybe you are unsure of what exactly you should do, what you want to do. This is a very common predicament especially for those who are starting their spiritual journey.

I worked as an accountant for nearly 15 years and during the majority of that time, I knew it was not the job for me. Out of high school, I wanted to go to school for counseling but was talked out of it by a guidance counselor who said, “don’t do that you won’t make any money.” I was young, I wanted a job that paid well and I assumed she knew what she was talking about and that I should listen to her. So I went the safe route and got a practical, reliable degree. Unfortunately, it wasn’t was I meant to do, it was not what I signed up for. However, I was too afraid to quit, in my mind leaving accounting meant I was destined for homelessness because I could not comprehend how I could do something else and still pay the bills.

A few years ago I quit my job to move to Arizona for a relationship.The relationship didn’t work out and I moved back to Austin still without a job. I knew without a doubt that I didn’t want to do accounting, that it wasn’t for me. I knew that I was meant to do something more meaningful, that I was meant to help others in some ways. Even with this knowing I still had to fight with myself to not go back into accounting. I talked to recruiters, I sent out my resume I was called in for interviews. I had a phone interview for a consulting firm, the interview went well and they wanted me to come in for an in-person interview. When I envisioned myself doing the work that was described to me I felt physically sick. I thought why am I doing this to myself, it is so obvious that I don’t want to do accounting and that I shouldn’t be doing accounting. It is literally making me ill just thinking about it. I finally stopped looking for accounting jobs. I worked on overcoming my fear, it was a process and I began doing even more self-work. I began meditating every day and listening to channeled archangel messages. The meditating allowed me to start remembering my dreams which I began writing down every morning. I would look up what my dreams meant but couldn’t find a credible source, there is a lot of junk out there when it comes to dream interpretation, until I found Michael Sheridan. At first some of his interpretations seemed a bit out there, but they also resonated with me and I knew he was on to something, that he knew what he was talking about. It turns out Michael has been interpreting dreams for over 25 years and learned to do so when he got stuck on the astral plane between lives. I had some health concerns(cancer symbols) come up in my dreams and turned to Michael for assistance. (dreams can reveal current health issues as well as highlight possible future health concerns) He helped me with a process called cutting the ties and also interpreted my dreams during that time, about 7 weeks. It was a very hard process, good therapy tends to be because it takes all the junk we have been stuffing down and brings it to the surface so that we can work through it. The cancer dreams stopped after doing cutting the ties.

Our dreams also reveal our spiritual gifts (everyone has at least one) and they let us know what’s stopping us from pursuing them. I have a number of spiritual gifts, which I’m in the process of developing, but my main one and the one that I’ve been doing my entire life is counseling. Because I never went to school for counseling and wanted to start helping people as soon as possible I decided to go into life coaching and help people that way.

I’ve also started interpreting dreams for people, I do this as part of my life coaching fee as a tool to help my clients figure out what they need to work on and what they are meant to do. If you feel like your life isn’t really working for you or you feel stuck on your spiritual journey, let me know, I can help you find your way.

Since I let go of my fear, started listening to my inner knowing, and became a life coach my life has been amazing. It’s almost impossible to describe, there’s just a knowing that everything will be fine, bad things no longer happen or maybe they do but I no longer look at them as I said it’s hard to put into words but I do know life is pretty amazing now. I would love to help you get to a similar place. Can I help you on your journey?


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